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Al and Tipper Gore's Legal Separation Surprises Many

Al and Tipper Gore may each need a family law attorney when it comes to their legal separation. After 44 years of marriage, the Washington Post reported that the Gores announced in an e-mail that they would be separating.

The e-mail read, "This is very much a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration." With a separation, the couple will still remain legally married but will be living apart. Alimony can be awarded during a period of separation, which is one reason why couples may get family law attorneys involved with the separation process.

FindLaw states that payments of spousal maintenance during a period of separation are sometimes called temporary maintenance or alimony pendente lite. With the case of Al and Tipper Gore, family lawyers may also get involved because of the large amount of money and community property the couple has together. For example, the Washington Post reports that the couple recently bought an $8.8 million home in Montecito, California this spring. Who's going to be living in the house?

Many couples who are thinking about legally separating are agonizing over the same issues, and will most likely need to speak with a Phoenix family law attorney.

The couple shared a long, passionate kiss at the 2000 Democratic presidential convention, giving the public an image of a very happy and stable relationship. The couple met when they were in high school, with Al Gore saying that he loved Tipper since the night of his high school senior prom. The couple were wed in May 1970 at Washington National Cathedral, when they were in their early 20s.  Together they have four grown children and three grandchildren.

If you are an older couple thinking about legal separation, there are a lot of factors to consider. During a legal separation, a couple may have to discuss things such as temporary maintenance for a non working spouse and child custody if the couple has younger children. Calling a Phoenix family law attorney may be a good option.  

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