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The Value of Paternity Testing: Dancer Suing Albert Haynesworth

Albert Haynesworth, a defensive tackle on the Washington Redskins, could soon be facing a great deal of family drama since an exotic dancer from New York is claiming that she is pregnant with the professional football player's baby.

The New York Post reports that dancer Silvia Mina is suing Albert Haynesworth for $10 million, alleging that the football player abandoned her after she told him that she was pregnant. Albert Haynesworth reportedly signed a $100 million contract with the Redskins last year, but the dancer claims that he has refused to talk to her or pay money toward her medical bills since last March.

Silvia Mina now has family law attorney Salvatore Strazzullo representing her in this paternity case. The attorney filed the $10 million lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court on May 26.

Cases like this show the importance of establishing paternity in a legal claim. The question of who the father is may not always be so simple. If a DNA test shows that Albert Haynesworth is indeed the father of Silvia Mina's baby, he can always hire a family lawyer and challenge the results of a paternity test.  Phoenix family lawyers say that tainted lab results, fraudulent lab results, or proof of infertility are the most common ways of challenging paternity.

FindLaw states that unwed fathers typically have few rights concerning their children. An unmarried man that impregnates a woman does not have to be notified or give his consent, if the mother of the child decides on an abortion. If the mother keeps the child, then the unwed father is often ordered to pay child support.

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